Conceiving second child after PP

Hi everyone. I suffered from PP after my first child who is now three. I subsequently developed bipolar disorder. I have been well now for two years. We decided to try for another baby and have been trying for six months. My Gp has done a blood test and it showed last month I didn't release an egg. There is now talk of fertility treatment which scares me as I am still on medication. Has anyone else had trouble conceiving their second? Thanks x

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  • I didn't have any problems conceiving our 2nd, but there was a 9 year gap and no medication following the birth of our first. Good number 2 is well worth it, just prepare, prepare. Xx

  • Thank you for your reply!!! Xx

  • Hello kcha,

    I had PP (although unknown to me at the time) with my first child. As it was way back in the 70's and it took me a while to recover, there is a six year gap between my sons after weighing up the risks. (Unfortunately PP hit me again in the early 80's but things have changed so much for the better now). Thankfully I made a full recovery.

    Wishing you all the best. Take good care of yourself.

  • Thank you x

  • Hi there - We've been trying for a 2nd for almost 18 months now. Well, some months we try more than others! I'm fairly sure I don't want to go down fertility testing / treatment route. I've seen how stressful that can be - although I'm sure with the right support network and care plan in place you can do it! Best of luck, and sorry I don't have much advice to give - just buckets of empathy.

    I wrote a blog all about my feelings around TTC no2 after PP...

    Kat x

  • Thanks Kat. Yes I'm not sure whether I want to go down the fertility route or accept that my body isn't ready after what it went through. I will certainly have a look at your blog!! And good luck to you too xx

  • 6 months isn't very long. It takes on average a year and a half to fall pregnant x

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