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I hope you don't mind I have just joined to ask a wee question.

I have two wonderful children 5 and 3.

But I always wanted a big famil

We are thinking of adopting. I have just heard you can get post natal depression after adopting the same as if you have given birth. I was hospitalised after my first with purpular psychosis and quite ill after 2nd but better prepared. Has anyone any experience or heard of pp after adoption? Thanks

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I think it would be very unlikely. Although postnatal depression could occur with adoption as it can for fathers it's probably more environmental factors that contribute. I think you'd need the hormonal factors of being pregnant and giving birth to trigger PP.


Thank you bronsyd that makes sense :-)


Hi Kaz77,

Firstly, welcome to the site & well done getting through PP & being better prepared for your 2nd. I agree with BronSyd in that getting PP is unlikely without a birth as it's a ' severe episode of mental illness which begins suddenly in the days or weeks after having a baby'. Although in times of increased stress, tiredness etc. we all have to take extra care of our mental health so it's probably be wise to remember there are other causes of psychotic episodes & monitoring our moods after PP is really an ongoing thing.

I found this info about 'Post adoption depression' which you might find useful & I'm sure there'll be lots of support out there on this topic:

I've got a friend who adopted twice & now has 2 gorgeous girls - for her it was a v long, stressful process (many yrs ago) but worth it in the end. Good luck with whatever you decide.


Thanks andrea, just about to follow your link, i have mild bipolar which i can normally control just didn't manage after birth of my first child which was very scary so didn't want to put me, my husband or kids through that even though i would love to adopt


Hi Kaz77

Just wanted to say I think it's fantastic that you are looking into adoption - it's a really positive choice to make to know that you have always wanted a big family and not to let the experiences of PP that you have been through stop you from following this dream. I admire your courage.

As Andrea says, PP (postpartum psychosis) has the specific trigger of childbirth so you would not have another episode of PP. I think Andrea also gives very realistic and sensible advice about knowing that the adoption process can in itself be stressful, and so talking to your mental health team about extra support and monitoring your mood closely will be important if you do go ahead with the process. Do you take regular medication now to manage your bipolar disorder? It will definitely be worth working closely with your doctor or psychiatrist to make sure that you have looked at your 'action plan' if you did feel your mental health was deteriorating. I've found it very helpful to use the WRAP (Wellness Action Recovery Plan) which you can download here workingtogetherforrecovery....

We're here any time you need to chat, and wishing you all the best as you think about adoption.

Naomi x


Thanks Naomi, I was going to discuss with my psychiatrist once I had it clear in my mind I was going ahead. I tend to just get ill at big events, marriage , child birth, big Christmas events etc so not on daily medication. With 2nd child I was on a very good action plan and had lots of support from doctors etc . I see now I will need to get this in place if we can adopt .

Thanks everyone for all your help and thoughts xx


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