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Postpartum depression in menopause

I heard an article about this on Woman's Hour, radio four, last week. It made me wonder whether it had happened to me fifteen years ago when menopause started, I made some completely out of character decisions which totally changed my life for the worse.

I ended up in a French psychiatric unit and had to start my life all over again. I thought I was just a bad person til I heard that programme, now I wonder.

I'd like to know more about it.

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Hi nailhac,

Hormones can be tricky things can't they?! Postpartum mental illness can also recur around other times and also be linked to a number of other things. The menopause, which was what I believe was covered in the Woman's Hour programme (I haven't yet had chance to catch it as I was at work at the time) can be a particular time for recurrence of psychosis for women who have experienced this after having a baby, was this what you experienced?

APP's website also has some good information on this, although more research is needed. The final point about a recurrence especially around menopause might be useful to you:

I hope this gives you some more info and that other threads on here may also give you more insight. If you type "menopause" into the search box, other threads may also come up. Take care, xx

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I am past it all now but I do think pre-menopausal women should be aware so that they can thoroughly analyse any life changing decisions made during this period.

They need short of friends and family to guide them.



I've had diagnosed PP twice 2004 and 2007. Both times was lucky to have care at a MBU.

I'm 42 now and back in summer 2015 became unwell again.

I've recently been looking into things, as I'm back to my old self now. I believe I suffered a psychosis due to being perimenopausal. I started periods early at 11 and have been having heavy and rather irregular periods for several years.

I have read the accounts of women on the site and there are such similarities.

Has anyone else had this?



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Hello Frankieb,

yes, I do believe in menstrual psychosis, even though I have not been diagnosed with anything else, but social and angora phobia, which really creates some big obstacles along my path.

I do believe that my partner is more attuned to my menstrual cycle than I am. I still always get taken by surprise. I get reassured by my partner that something does exist or it is just in my mind again. I am not sure whether you or some of the ladies can relate to some of my symptoms; When stress level is high or I am physically poorly, triggers are more intense;

- hyper sensitivity to smell and noises (have to have windows open or wear ear plugs)

- possible for nearly 2 weeks 'made up reality' based on senses created in my brain, which do not exist (such as quite negative odor i.e. excrements, cigarette smoke etc.), hearing things i.e. bells or when pretty poorly seeing people

- concentration level is very low

- extreme vivid dreams and sleep deprivation

- unable to be amongst crowds

- communication skills are bizarre (I think I've said something, but I did not or something comes deep out of my subconscious, which I have no control of). In addition I find it difficult to talk to more than one person

- my socialising skills are quite diminished

- lack of self esteem and confidence

- no decision making

Anyhow, I feel quite passionate about the need for further research into females who suffer from mental health issues after PPP and struggling with perimenopausal symptoms. I may have to highlight that I had no mental health problems before I gave birth to my beautiful son, but recently found out that there is a family history of schizophrenia.

At this moment I am trying to get a referral to Professor Ian Jones via Somerset Partnership.

I like to be honest and transparent on this forum, as I believe this forum is part of my support network and appreciate the feed back and support from all mums/survivors.

Kind wishes, :-)



Ohhh-I've forgotten my best package of all symptoms, which is my endless hyper activity and never ending creativity. :-) I paint and paint and paint.....

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I too struggle with menstrual psychosis. Had my son in 2010 and got the right support and medication nearly 2 years later.

I've been coping with irregular and very heavy periods for the last year and realised this is the peripausal stage of menopause. And after a few months noticed symptoms of psychosis creeping in. And after reading in another post, the link that Hannah mentions above I decided I needed to do something about this. Went to my GP a month ago after several months really trying to carry on without help. So glad I did visit GP. He gave me options of HRT, Mirena Coil or anti depressants. I chose anti depressants, low dose compared to what I had with PP.

It's been just over a month now since back on medication and I feel so much better, less anxious and a lot less paranoia and not experiencing extremes of uncontrollable emotions. No panic attacks either. And better equipped for good decision making too. This has not only helped me but my family too.

I would strongly advise anyone going through similar, years after childbirth, to visit their GP to explore support for this. You will be listened to.

Happy New Year and best wishes to all on this forum.


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