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Has anyone experienced PP after their third child?

I was fine after my first 2 children, and only became ill following the birth of my third child who is 6 weeks old. Many stories are of first time mums, I feel like the only one to get it third time around instead and its hard having 2 older ones as my illness and any treatment affects them eg hospitalization, so I've only been treated at home until now (currently under review and not sure what is going to happen.) Its a struggle as they understand that their dad is now the one to go to as they can't get it from me.

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Hi raspberries

PP is slightly more common in first pregnancies, however I know there are mums on the forum who have experienced it with their second or third child.

I had an older child when I had really bad postnatal depression with my second. I know it's really hard and the guilt you feel is awful. But I want to reassure you that even though I did need treatment in hospital, things worked out ok in the end. I have recovered and regained a really close bond with both kids.

To help cope with hospital treatment I made a special effort when my children visited and we would do a sticker book together or go to the park, or visit the hospital cafe for ice cream. I would try to draw or make things for them while on the ward that they could take home. It was pretty much heartbreaking at the time and I worried so much. But now two years on life has mended the memories of that time and I can enjoy my daughters again. Things will get better for you too - keep taking one day at a time.



I'm still in the psychosis stage so can't be of much help but I've been diagnosed with PP for my third child. My 2 previous postnatal periods were wonderful so this is quite a shock. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone.


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