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Warning: Scam Personal Messages

Please be aware & diligent against scammers at all times. Unfortunately, one of our members received a convincing scam personal message here designed to trick them into disclosing information. Luckily she was alert, did some research & didn't disclose anything. We & Healthunlocked take security & protection very seriously indeed & are doing everything in our power to prevent this. This is the first time this has happened to us & hopefully the last, but please be alert in case it happens again.


- Just ignore these messages. Don't engage in any correspondence at all.

- Never give out any details, your name, your personal email address, phone number any time.

- Inform myself or another APP admin so we can block the user & inform HealthUnlocked.

- If you're not sure or are uncomfortable with anything, please message me or any admin to discuss it.

There's some good info about scam & spam emails here & plenty of other info about staying safe online:

I'm very sorry indeed for any stress & upset this scam message might have caused, we work very hard to make this a safe, secure place for you. Please let us know if you've been sent one or do happen to receive one in the future.

In the meantime, stay safe!

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Hi Andrea, I received this message too, it came through to my personal email account via healthunloked.


I Andrea I also received this message through my personal email I read it and deleted it immediately.



Hi I also received this email via health unlocked


Thanks for the replies all. I'm so sorry you've received these messages & that this scammer managed to do this, but please be reassured that we & HealthUnlocked have dealt with it. Hopefully instances like this won't happen here again, but please be aware & vigilant in case it does.


Hi Andrea,

I've not had an email about this - as yet anyway. Has it been reported to Healthunlocked and have they looked into it? I'm no expert but there might be something further for them to look into, or at least be aware of.


Hi all

I have received this 'personal message' too.


Thanks all. Please be reassured that this was dealt with promptly & isn't an issue now. if anyone does receive any different ones, please do let me know. Cheers, A.


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