Action on Postpartum Psychosis


I am back after getting my website issues resolved. It has been over a month since I last posted a blog due to these issues. I apologize to my readers for not notifying you BUT one of the issues I was having was being able to send out notifications and emails to my subscribers.

Unfortunately, in the process of resolving the website issues, most of my blog subscriber emails were lost. Thankfully, I was able to recover some of the emails, which is why some of you are receiving notification of this post.

I am hoping that my lost blog subscribers, who did not receive a notification of this post, will read this post on a social media site and re-subscribe to my blog. Of course, I am asking for new subscribers as well.

Why do I need your help? Many of you are aware that my mission is to bring hope and inspiration to women and families experiencing mental health issues related to childbearing. My primary goal is to reach as many as I can to increase awareness of mental health issues. One of the avenues to achieve this includes getting my first book published. It has been a long process but success is in sight. I now face the challenge of building my social media connections.

I ask for your help in my challenge. If you have not already done so, please “like” the Mental Health Advocate Jennifer Moyer Facebook page, follow me on Twitter @MoyerJennifer, join my Google+ circle and subscribe to my blog on my website

My challenge is to reach as many as I can within one month. After one month, if I reach 1000 followers on twitter and at least 500 likes on my Facebook page, I will have a random give-away of something special (to be announced at a later date).

I hope you will me reach this goal so I can continue to do my part in increasing the awareness, education, prevention and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing as well as mental health issues, in general. Please consider sharing this post and my challenge with your social media connections.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jennifer H. Moyer, B.S.

Mental Health Advocate & Writer

Speaker on Mental Health Issues

Overcame Postpartum Psychosis


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Hi JenniferM, I'm glad you got your website issues sorted. Good luck with your book & continuing to bring hope & inspiration to women & families. :-)


Thank you, Andrea! I appreciate your response :)


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