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Breathing difficulty in dreams???

Every now and then I have breathing difficulty in my dreams it's like I am having a dream about something completely different and its not breathing related but at the same time I'm struggling to breathe , it's sounds weird i know but I have these quite often. I do not wake up struggling to breathe or anything in fact I wake up feeling fine. I'm quite concerned about this and want to know if this is anything to worry about. Thank you

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It sounds like a panic in a dream, I've had them in the past. I wouldn't be too concerned, but go to the docs or your therapist and talk about it if your very concerned.

Sounds like something is concerning you at the moment, it could be deep seated, or could be something recent.

Do you do your coping techniques regularly, so you have them to heart.

I find that helps a lot.




Thanks for your reply baylien, I listen to relaxation music every night to help me drift of but before I go to sleep I always have a fear of dying do you think it could be the cause of this problem. Thanks


Could be playing on your subconscious mind and coming out in your sleep.

Thats a common worry, Just to put your mind a little to rest. I've had anxiety, for 35 yrs and thought I would die, and I'm still here.

I wouldn't worry unduelly.

Wishing you well



I have something similar to this. I wake up with a pounding heart, out of breath and sweating. Im having CBT for it - still in the early stages and focusing on trying to resolve worries and stress in a systematic way. Also we are doing a lot of discussion of my upbringing. Its good to talk and it feels comforting that this matter is being addressed, even though its not sorted yet. I would definitely recommend going to your GP about this and asking them to refer you to psychological services - good luck!!


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