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Off work again

Hi guys, My chest has been really bad over the past few days, I've felt to unwell to go to work so I'm off. Doctor signed me off two weeks, trouble is somedays I'm ok and some days I'm not and I can feel terrible and so weak after an attack. Works been understanding as I've had this since August but I don't think they fully understand it all and now I'm worrying now over work a little.

How's everyone dealt with work?

Amanda x

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Hi Amanda, I'm new on this site - joined this morning. The reason I joined was because it was my first day back at work and I started getting very anxious so started looking on the web and found this site. Anyway, I went into work and although I suffered with DP for a bit and really didn't want to be there, I managed and have just got back home. My work were brill to start off with - (I've had this for two years now). They let me take amended hours and paid for six therapy sessions. The problems started when they realised this wasn't a short term thing that I had. When the anxiety/panic attacks started happening again, they couldn't understand it and we're less than impressed. To overcome this I started taking my holidays as leave rather than let them know what's happening to me. What this has done though is shorten any family holidays I would like to take but it has helped me feel less guilty and worried about not being in work. I'm not sure if this helps you or not but it's how I am coping with it, rightly or wrongly.


Hi mrshoff, ive suffered terribly since august + theres no way i could work under these conditios. I think it depends on how severe ur illness is + how stressfull ur job + only u can awnser that but definatly try not 2 worry so much as makes thind much worse( i know easier said than done) best wishes.


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