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Hello Shipmates!

Hi Everyone, I'm still here in case anyone was missing me :P Looking after my Mother at the moment , she is laid up with Sciatica. I feel a little ( not a lot I hasten to add ) relief in her being stuck in one place!!!! I know where she is and she can't get in my house whenever she fancies. I am a bad ass daughter at the moment instead of the other way around. Otherwise still reading on here and trying my best to just cope day to day. One at a time is all we can do isn't it? and I keep telling myself that thought's are just that...thoughts and they don't matter. I am finding myself taking my meds earlier and watching the clock for the next dose. Then going to bed really early and waking at some unearthly hour to start all over again. Eventually I hope I will go around the clock and back to reasonable hours again.One can live in hope I suppose Lots of Love x Ella x

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Aww Ella my sweet! I'm trying very hard to be sorry for your mother having sciatica but it's a struggle lol ; I don't think you're a bad ass daughter for a moment - you're looking after her, aren't you? And at least you have YOUR home to yourself for once :-D

Don't forget to take care of yourself, my sweet, you matter too - lots! Huge hugs and love, keep posting, hope you get Christmas Day off at least ;)

Lots and lots of love




Hi. ella. I noticed you were up early doing a post. Now don't overdo it. It is so easy when one feels a bit better to go off at a pace!!. Look after YOURSELF. Love and greetings for the time of year. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Hi Jonathan !Yes up at 5 and busy doing not much of anything seasonal ! but it's nearly bed time now lol. I will be careful, I promise , Lots of Love to You and Rose! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Ella you lovely person. How can you be a bad ass daughter. You are one of the loveliest people around. A Heart of gold and always willing to give advice.

You take care of yourself. Sorry to hear you are struggling. We do miss your blogs.

Massive hugs and a lot of love

Lou, xxxxxxxx


Here, here, Lou - couldn't agree more! :-D xxxx


and me too Ellabella.. keep in touch.. LizM40


Hi everyone! keep it together today you :) x Ella x


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