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Wow, what a fabulous place

Hi Folks,

I have literally just discovered this site today, and I cannot begin to tell you how much I have gotten from it already, just reading through some of the blogs and posts.

I am currently suffering from, at times, really quite chronic anxiety. Like many of you, this has been triggered by various life events over the past couple of years (although I confess to always being a bit on the 'anxious side', which I am beginning to accept is just how I am)

I have felt a lot of embarrassment and shame over this, partly in the way it can make me behave around other people (or my desire at times to simply not be around people at all!) and also because of how it makes me feel as a human being. The confusion, anger, fear and seemingly being rendered totally incapable of controlling it is something that is very hard to understand, let alone knowing where to begin to try and 'sort' it.

I benefit from having a fantastic and very supportive GP, which I am enormously grateful for having read some of the posts on here. Everyone deserves the opportunity to have access to this type of doctor, and I am really saddened to hear so many people have been let down and outright ignored by their own GP. It took me some time to get the nerve to go and see him (and became a source of anxiety in its own right...self perpetuating anxiety, gotta love it) but I was so relieved once I had. It gave me the courage to seek help for some other issues, which I received treatment for a year, and I am now tackling (as best I can) the anxiety side of things. I am on some meds (jury is out on how much these really help, but in regular contact with my doc to review) and starting anxiety based therapy, had an intro session last week and starting regular sessions from next week.

I live alone and have a tendency to isolate myself quite a bit; coming here and reading this forum has allowed me to see how many others have anxiety based issues right across the board, in all sorts of different ways. I wanted to thank folks for their questions and contributions- it is so easy to feel alone in the world, but seeing the things on here and people asking questions and feeling in a similar way to how I feel makes a real difference. I wish that people were feeling whatever is their version of 'ok' and were not having to ask those questions, but life is just not like that sometimes... but thank you to all those who's posts I have read today, for someone who is new to the site it is a real comfort :)


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Hi oakeywood it sounds like a funny word to use but welcome to the site to find somewhere where people don't look askew at you or don't get what anxiety can do to ruin your day you sound fairly positive which is an advantage the meds take a while to take full effect but councilling is another good therapy like you I'm a bit of a loner and that can be hard because you have to motivate yourself but you have a good dr and that's a big help because so many of them think a pull yourself together treatment works it doesn't a bit of understanding does because it makes you feel less alone and gives you confidence in they'r treatment of you so wishing you the best and a continuos improvement Mel


Welcome to the site Oakey, it sounds like you're already on a really positive journey which is great to hear! Hopefully you'll find the forum here is another way of helping that along :)


Welcome to the 'club' l:{o-


Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies, tis much appreciated :) You are quite right Mel, it is a real relief to have access to people going through similar things and who understand the array of symptoms and effects of anxiety. I have spent quite a lot of time reading through blogs and posts, and many of which have been really helpful.

Thanks as well to TeamDB and hollow :)



Welcome Oakey! glad to have you on board.....: ) xxxx


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