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It's been a while but it's striked again

Hi everyone,

So I was just wondering if there's anyone to speak too...

I have been doing so well lately with my anxiety I have been listening to meditation music and I have downloaded apps such as headspace and calm and I have been doing the anxiety courses and they have really helped. But tonight the right side of my chest I keep on getting aches and pains... should I be worried? It's starting to freak me out a little bit and my heart feels like it's skipping beats

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the pain of your right chest area could just be a pinch nerve but could also stem from stress and anxiety, which of course sucks because that’s a sign that it indeed has come back of course soft breathing patterns could help. on the other hand if something seriously is wrong and you feel you need to seek medical attention then i strongly advise being looked at because i know that pain i get it in all parts of my body and it feels like someone is hammering a nail into your body but i hope everything goes well :(((


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