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It’s back

My awful anxiety and panic attack came back today. I was on my way to the vet to get my 2 dogs (Lois and Clark) there 3 monthly health check up, then bang out of nowhere I started feeling very hot and started shaking and feeling very faint. So I pulled over to the side of road and started screaming to myself push thru it and I had to go back home. I got so scared 😟.

I thought I beat this monster😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬.

Now Lois and Clark have missed there check up and I’m scared there going to get sick. I spoil them like crazy 😝. There my babies. I will try again tomorrow to go to vets.

I just got to push thru it.

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That’s exactly what you need to do. Push through it and allow yourself to feel anything that comes up. The more you allow yourself to think and feel everything, the more you will be able to cope with the symptoms. Confidence builds and there will come a time the symptoms won’t bother you. It’s all about losing the fear of the feelings of fear which is what keeps the panic attacks (I refer to them as energy surges because that is all they are...they just make you panic because they frighten you...for now). Once you lose your fear of them, the panic attacks will lessen in strength and disappear but you have to keep on, keeping on and passing through those energy surges and coming out the other side, relaxing yourself as much as you can under the circumstances. Once the energy surge passes, carry on with your journey. I know it feels VERY uncomfortable but it will get better and is completely harmless. Avoiding or turning back for home just sends and / or reinforces the message you are sending to your brain that there is danger. If you go towards your fears, they will disappear. Maybe not straight away, but they will go.

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