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Zoloft (or other SSRI) Withdrawl symptoms.. pls share!

I recently tapered off my Zoloft from 100mg to 50mg to 25mg to 0... and I've been off completely for 6 days. Can anyone share what symptoms you've experienced or heard of while coming off an anti depressant?

Mine so far are:

-being very agitated and irritable

-increase in anxiety

-burning/ fuzzy/tingling feeling in my lips? This one really bothers me!!

-shaky eyes/dizzy feeling

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I switched from 150mg Zoloft(sertraline)-50mg Zoloft and switched to remeron. I have in fact been feeling fairly agitated lately, but never really made any connection. I hope it is something that goes away soon. Thanks for the post.


I was on Zoloft for only 6 weeks and tapered down just like you did and i still got withdrawals. I got horrific night sweats and brain zaps.


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