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feeling of having some serious stomach issue

hi....am 25 years old...and i am fighting anxiety frm last two years now...symptons have kept on changing sincethe beginning of it....now i have some serious issue with my stomach...as long as my stomach is stuffed with food its ok...as soon as the time pass by the growling gurgling sounds arise and it bothers me a lot...also it causes pain in my left arm not like a severe one but a slight pain...and while laying sometimes i can feel some liquid moving in the esophagus ...and while i have these gurgling sounds coming from my stomach ...i also have pinching inside stomach just two inches to the left of belly button...i have started eating a lot and i can not control it...i have gained 6kg more :( the rest of body is ok ..i can work and my body is active but this issue with my stomach bothers me sooo much...i dont know wats wrong with it...even i have tried taking cold milk in the morning to keep it frm producing too much acid ..it helps but symptoms are back again after a day or two...has somene else felt the same or experienced the same issue...kindly reply to my post..

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You said at the start of this , ‘fighting’ anxiety. That’s why you’re not getting better. Give up the fight and let it be there and see what happens. It’s the struggle you have with it that keeps it around and even strengthen it.


The flora in your gut may be out of zink!

The bad bacteria may have take over making you feel hungry all the time. It also causes reflux. After eating do not lie down for 3 hours. See your doctor about a condition called Dysbiosis. 🤗

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