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Gp appointment

So I just had a appointment with a gp and basically told her about the chest pains and arm pain and stomach sometimes and how random they are and she basically said anxiety can come on anytime without being anxious because I'm never and they come on that's why I was worried and she says they can just happen turns out I don't have diabetes have thyroid issues or nothing all normal I also said when I exercise my heart goes fast skips beato adds beats and slows down and starts going fast again she sais it sounds normal but how? ?? She took my blood pressure and this one's a weird one.. it was perfect even tho athe the time I was so anxious and my heart was 100bpm normally my blood pressure would be sky high but it want this time .. maybe all this healthy stuff I'm eating also my heart rate is always below 60 unless I'm panicking she didn't really take notice in that so is that good :) sorry about the long paragraph haha

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That's great news doctor has told you everything is fine so you now know anxiety is causing your problems.the doctor listened to your heart and said it sounds fine so believe what she is telling you.she wouldn't say it was OK if it wasn't ! She has a duty of care to tell you if it wasn't.so relax you are in good health ,so now you have to learn to manage the anxiety.

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She listened to my heart for about 3seconds literally tho :/ and what about them mad palpitations they scare me to exercise because it comes on during exercise


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