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So i have had palpitations for years now and they started off extremely bad so i am kind of used to them. However i do get dome that are bad and make me panic. I am pregnant so i know they can happen more frequently. Does anyone else get palpitations where your heart literally stops for a good few seconds and then thumps so hard ! This just happened and heart stopped for atleast 5 seconds

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Hey! I get these alot...it kind of feels like your heart beats super irregular and thumps for a few seconds. I find some are not as scary as others. But i have noticed that they almost always occurr when im worried about them or have been stressed...

I have had an ECG and it came back normal.

I once went for a long hike and started getting them and it was freaking me out so i started to panic- but again i do think this is most likely just anxiety rearing its ugly head. Try not to pay too much attention to them!

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I get this a lot and especially at night when I am trying to go to sleep. My heart sounds really loud too! The more I try to relax the worse it gets. I did download an app on my Iphone called Calm and listened to a relaxation meditation which seemed to help.

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