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Health anxiety

So I've noticed that some of you can sleep alot when they are anxious. I am the complete opposite. I have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Somehow all my physical symptoms appear when it's bedtime. Ive had chest pain before, but I could almost swear this time is different. I keep nodding off, but my anxiety is jerking me awake. Does anyone else with health anxiety understand? Does anyone else get scared at bedtime?

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Yes. I am the same. I have been doing good lately with my anxiety but for some reason tonight everytime i try and fall asleep i get a weird sensation that i am going to stop breathing and then I'm jolted awake. My hands and feet tingle and then afraid to fall asleep. I feel tonight i am overtly tired and that's when it's the worst.


Yes I have had the same thing and then I get panc attacks :( It's terrible but now I listen to 8 hour super sleep on YouTube. To jeep me focused. Try that and see if it helps. X

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I do. It's hard to fall asleep sometimes and stay asleep that's why there are days when I feel crappy and fatigued.


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