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Anxiety attack from on Bumped head

So While I plugged in the phone charger under the computer while standing up I bumped my scalp/top of head at 1:45pm today it’s now 10:28pm it hurts when I touch or put pressure

I messed up and googled

Which resulted in a Anxiety/panic attack worst case scenario.

My head is figuratively spinning

I was doing well...now idk

It’s not easy to just “snap out of it” I’m frustrated at my self

The anxiety doesn’t leave it calms but

It sits their slowly building waiting to explode

Sometimes from a situation that happened months ago but then comes back to haunt us

It’s like hitting the rewind button

I feel like I finally cracked

This is my health anxiety

Maybe you relate ?

*Side note*

turned my anxieties over to God and doing this personally helps me get a grip

It isn’t easy to beat this alone but I know I’ll get better

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I can totally relate! Health anxiety is horrible!! I Know all to well about dwelling on a physical symptom. I currently have a migraine which I get quite frequently and have been to the doctor for several times and I've turned it into a brain tumor! I Know myself I do this all the time! I can also send myself into a panic attack from things that happened in the past and things that are not even serious! Stay strong and try not to Google 😎

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