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Uti? Or kidney infection???

Hi everyone I know this is probably the wrong place to even write this because y’all aren’t doctors , I just don’t wanna googling stuff and making me have more anxiety. I wanted to know if anyone on here have had a uti or kidney infection & what were your symptoms? . Right now I’ve been needing to go urine a lot but vary little comes out & been feeling like a bloated bladder . It doesn’t hurt to urine or nor does it have a scent or darkest . Sometimes I get pain in the back too . Anyone had these symptoms with uti or kidney infection? I can’t go to the doctor till tomrrow , I just wanna calm my self down by talking with someone and their experience with the uti or kidney infection

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I think the pain for a kidney infection would be quite intense. You would likely have nausea and vomiting and a high temperature.


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