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Hello all. I wanted to share this with any Anxiety sufferer who thinks there is no end to this thing and that there is in fact, hope. Please read the below link if you haven’t already as it’s personally helped me tremendously over the last few months. My constant Anxiety has now diminished. No more racing thoughts , no more prolonged periods of unnecessary Anxiety and it’s all from a simple bit of knowledge and understanding. Would I say I’m fully recovered? Almost. I say almost because all that remains is that my brain sometimes sends the occasional fear flashes around certain past triggers. But they subside instantly and peace is always restored. In time, these fear flashes too will also diminish. Best of luck :) you are stronger than you think. Enjoy.



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Hear hear. There is always hope...i came through a horrendous time of it(decades) and if I can do it I always say anyone can. It wasn't easy and I found my own techniques that worked for me. There's no quick fix and longevity became part of my vocab. Thankyou for such a positive post. Janie


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