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Head Strain, pressure, Having Blank out effects ??

I have not been the kindest to my head , For 10 years I have smoked weed frequently and had a few drinks every now and then. I get these ''weird headaches'' sometimes that seem different to average as we know headache.

My reason for searching for response from this is because its getting worse , I believe its anxiety related , my chest tightens up and I feel like I'm sinking when these head pains come .

I really don't have a clue what is happening but today I've felt like my brain has blanked out ...In and out the room half second blip feeling , a bit like staring into space midway through a conversation. I panic put my hands on my head and shut my eyes tight when I experience this feeling.

I've noticed over the past year that my memory has become terrible and I struggle to remember things. I do blame smoking weed frequently like everybody else is saying (Family, Wife, Friends). I do think about not smoking but these headaches are more frequent if not smoking , sounds weird , I'm not saying that weed cures my headches, I'm saying it calms me down to avoid anxiety ''short term'' that I believe trigger these head pains.

Also struggling to not smoke weed for big gaps of time .... I'm looking for Help with my problems I am a 26 year old husband with 1 boy 1 on way and a huge anxiety problem that I believe is knocking me back .

Thanks .

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