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Have you ever felt like this ?

So like I have this issue in life, I’m not gonna say it constantly freaks me out, but it does play a big enough part in my life to where it effects my sometimes.

Anyways, the issue is.. like I think I’m always allergic to stuff I have no real knowledge of if I am or not. Like if I touch raw carrots I break out in these tiny little bumps all over my arms, I’m scared to eat avocado because I think I’m allergic to it, and I’m scared to eat celery etc

Because they cause my mouth to itch sometimes

I know the obvious answer is to go get an allergy test done (which i will get soon) but has anyone else ever felt like this ?

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I have had that kind of fear about "WHAT IF" I'm allergic, or if I'm going to get sick off that food...........and THANK goodness you mentioned the mouth thing. I will eat something within "normal" limits for me, and the lining of my mouth will get irritated and itch along the tooth line.......Who would I tell this too, if not for you here?

Getting the tests done will eliminate the "what if" I'm allergic to...

It is a creepy fear because part of you knows you will be fine, BUT, what if?? Right??


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