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Good Morning.. starting offf a bit wrong this mornimg

Soo im layingdown i wake up because someone was knocking on my door i open and it was these people of church giving me books next thing you know im having a convo and my heart was just feeling like it was going to stop out of no where and my thyriod aswell after i feel that i couldnt even keep a conversation with them it kept happening and making me sort of jump and cough feeling like i was going to drop dead i got scared and i said thank you and rushed and closed the door but it stop why does my heart keep doing that or my thyriod im a bit scared already like its crazy it did stop now km laying down because im scared to even get up again and it happens again i just dont know what could it be i cant even describe it to a docter.

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Oh, my, Johnnie...if I were calmly sleeping like you were and there was a knock on my door followed by church people I didn't know giving me books, my anxiety might have kicked in like yours did.

Unexpected or uncontrollable situations often set off your anxiety. You weren't expecting these people.

When it got too much for you, you said thank you and closed the door.

Even though you started worrying about your heart, you did take care of the situation by closing the door. That's a big deal and an accomplishment for you.

You were polite enough to say thank you. You were likely one of the nicest persons they meet. They probably didn't know they were upsetting you by entering your safe place.

You know your heart has been checked out by doctors and it's fine. Your anxiety had kicked in, but your heart is fine and you are safe.

Try some deep breathing and other ways to calm yourself. You're ok. Your heart is fine. You're safe, You were appropriate and handled the situation. You're ok. You're safe. OK? Ok.


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