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I could really do with some help ... I dont know what to do....Anxiety?

im new here ... ive never even thought about going online and posting about myself ... but im really struggling having trouble with what i believe to be anxiety, i haven't been to my doctor yet but that is only because im scared my doctor will turn around and say theirs nothing they can do to help.

i constantly panic and worry about everything. i dont like to ever go out on my own because i feel like everyone will be staring at me, and then my heart starts pounding even when thinking about it. whatever is going on with me is destroying relationships in my life. when its at its peak, i start hysterically crying, to the extent im physically gagging because i feel like i need to be sick, but theirs nothing i can do to control it ... and it takes a while to go away, but even when it does go away if i even think about why i was crying to begin with ... and it set it all off again. im really struggling to cope and its getting to be a joke now ... i used to think i had it all under control, and that i could sort myself out and then get back to whatever i was doing, but its not like that anymore .... it just wont seem to stop ... do you guys think it could be anxiety? any advice would be great ....

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Oh poor you. It is a scary place to be when you can't rely on yourself. I am going through exactly the same so I just wanted you to know that you are not alone.

If I can help in any way please let me know. I am no expert but I do understand.


Hi there yes I have had this too. I suffer anxiety and panic attacks and depression. I have had some weird experiences over the years. I am a very sensitive person who worries and thinks alot about how others are feeling and not so much about my self. I understand now that if I don't care for myself much I become more anxious, less confident and end up having an attack . I have found that going online and talking to others has really helped me. I know I am not alone and not going crazy. It has helped me to go to the local anxiety and depression service to get help. I did a course on Mindfullness which has helped me look at myself differently and that I was speeding through life forgetting to smell the air, listen to the birds sing and generally slow right down. I feel for you but it will get better once you accept it and get help. That's the first hurdle. Hope this helps stay strong x


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