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Its been over a month since i posted. Started on Rexulti and still take xanax .50 2x a day. Still overwhelmed with intrusive philosophical thoughts. Like when i think about eternity or what our true purpose is or afterlife and not existing anymore. Also if life is all in my head. Have been able to leave house everyday and just recently started driving but I have to have someone with me. Reading a book on how to stop intrusive thoughts so i hope that helps. And actually it mentioned intrusive philioshical thoughts and meaning of life thoughts in the book so thats good to know im not the only one😂 trying to be more activr and eat healthier and lost and 5 pounds the last week and a half so far

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Glad you’re feeling better. And you will continue to thrive. Now, if you have questions about life and death, just try meeting with people you can share your thoughts with and this will help you find answers or just get more insights about it. For me is the Bible, but you might have another interests and that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong in being philosophical. I wish you the best!

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