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Can anyone provide help?

Iam good when nothing is happening , but when I see people around me , everyone , I mean everyone , I think is in a lot better condition . They are happy , they are good looking , they are lucky etc . It even flares my anxiety . Even my own brother and sister talk about their marriages , like what will they do after it , and it leaves me really sad like I feel really alone , like realllly alone . Thoughts start coming like nobody will accept me iam really worthless etc etc

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This is exactly exactly exactly what I am going through right now!

It seems like, everyone I know has mapped out their lives while I’m here still planning on what to do but so afraid to move. :(

Seems like everyone’s getting married. And I haven’t found anyone to love me. Seems like all the bad stuffs are meant to happen to me.

I have a severe scoliosi plus having an operation this year because of dermoid cyst in my ovary.

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I'm really sorry , but don't worry im in the same struggle as you .

Someone told me something really beautiful , although I don't seem to follow it most of the time (lol) . It was , you live this life once , instead of worrying, live in the present . If we notice then we will realize that all our worries are either coming from future or past . If someone manages to completely shift his focus on the present moment much of the suffering is reduced , as mind is free of all thoughts . This is what they call mindfulness . It helped me a lot , I hope it does to you too!


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