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Going into the year so uncertain

I hate the job I’m at. Last year I started working at a local restaurant. I planned on being their until the end of the year. Well I’m still here a year and then some latter than I planned. I didn’t always hate this place. The first year when great but it was right after the one year mark when things when down hill. My general manager left the managers who run it now don’t respect me like she did. I’ve had my shifts taken away for no reason and I feel like the environment is hostile. I’ve reached a breaking point and I don’t think I can be their much longer. I don’t nececarly worry about money, my boyfriend has a good paying job and doesn’t mind that I’m not able to contribute much right now. However I’m more upset about the principle of things and how I’ve been being treated lately. Regardless I plan on leaving this job ASAP and so I try to keep that hope .

These past couple days I’ve been anxious because I just interview with a Veterinary office for an opening in reception. I felt like it went well but I’m unqualified so I feel like that ruins my chances. I’ve failed to get a lot of jobs I’ve aplied for with in the last six months but this is the one I’ve wanted most out of all of them. I love animals, working in a small working environment, and the hours and benefits are perfect. To say the least I really hope to get it. I’m just trying not to think about it but I can’t stop. I don’t want to think too positively because I don’t want to assume I’m going to get it and get my hopes down if I don’t. But if I think negatively I get really anxious and start to worry about what’s going to happen next. I will know by Monday but the next couple days are going to get to me. Between not knowing and going to my current job I’m just having a hard time calming down. Any advice?

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We all probably had jobs at some time in our lives that we almost downright hated due to lack of respect. Understand. Glad you are looking around. You really would like the job at the vet's. Why do you think you are not qualified? Maybe we can figure out together how to make you more qualified. I'm here and I'll listen.


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