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Panic attacks (maybe)!

Hi, I'm new to this website, and honestly, I don't usually benefit from things like this, but I know they're very helpful for some people, and I'm getting pretty desperate.

Since early Autumn, I've been suffering from these weird episodes, and they seem to (in general) be getting gradually worse. A few days ago, I had the worst one I've ever had. I felt like I was badly tripping (despite being completely sober), I felt sick, dizzy, immensely confused, my fingers, hands and arms were tingly and then cramped, hot and cold flushes, lots of shaking, and I felt like I was dying. The scariest thing was that my perception of things was drastically altered, and it terrified me.

I've read these things (although unsure about the perception thing) can be caused by hyperventilation, but I didn't start hyperventilating until after experiencing all of these different things, and it seems to be the rarest thing I encounter.

Since that episode I've had a slight persistent pain in my chest.

The thing is, life should be great at the moment - I've just started university in a city I love, and logically, everything should be the best it's ever been right now. These "panic attacks"(?) (I'm assuming that's what they are), seem to (most of the time) come on randomly, and so don't prevent me from taking in part in anything, (unless I'm having one of course). And so I don't really seem to have Anxiety, (so maybe this is the wrong place for me afterall, just not sure where else to turn to)

But there were no problems from my bloodtest, and I was given some 40mg inderal pills to take as required, but they seem to work as a preventative measure and do nothing to stop the attacks when they've started.

I've also been directed towards therapy, but see I don't know what I'd talk about - as I've said, it doesn't seem to be caused by anything.

I'm sorry if that was a bit rambly, honestly I'm just very confused, fear I'm going insane, and would be grateful for any information anyone thinks may be of help at all, or any advice as to how to stop/prevent them.

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Anxiety comes out of nowhere. All of a sudden everything could be ok and next thing you know you're in a panic attack and have no idea whats going on with you. All of the symptoms you are describing are symptoms of anxiety. The tingling in your hands and feet, dizziness etc. are caused by poor breathing techniques. It's also caused by the stress response in your body. Your body releases chemicals that heighten your senses and cause all of these symptoms. In theory they are there when you are faced with a dangerous situation. However when it happens all the time it disrupts your daily routines. Best advise I can give you is when your panic attacks come on, focus your thoughts on something else. The more you think about the panic, the more the symptoms will become worse. Good luck and hope this helps.

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That makes a lot of sense. Thanks a lot for your help!


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