Love anxiety

Love anxiety

Came across this on Facebook a couple of days ago. I don’t know who wrote it and wonder if they realise that this is literally what it takes to recover from anxiety. Instead of hating and fearing the symptoms and pushing them away in order to not feel them, learn to accept and embrace it and treat it as a friend. Im not saying you have to fall in love with it or to grin through gritted teeth and bare it, look upon it as a needy friend who is just trying to protect you and move on with your day. Your friend will eventually get the message that they don’t need to protect you all the time and stop following you around.


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4 Replies

  • Great post. It’s the key to being well again.

  • I like that :)

  • Thank you Beevve, this is great! 😀

  • That is awesome. I tell people including myself to just coexist with it. Easier said than done but I sometimes tell myself, “oh that crazy beast is acting up again. “ It’s name to me is beast but I need to give it a nicer name instead of such a horrible name so it’s cute not scary! Open to suggestions! Name my mental health alphabet of symptoms. The “beast” tells me it’s so bad which could make it seem worse. Man are your words true though! Love it!

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