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Question for all the fathers out there—how long did it take you to introduce your children to your new boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/wife? My new fiancé has been going through a court battle for visitation two months ago he was granted weekends with restrictions meaning no one could interfere in there schedules visit so that meant me not talking to him almost all weekend maybe a few texts here and there. Not he was finally granted and ruled every mother weekend and all the other stuff. I have been fighting along side him almost the whole entire time. This weekend is his first official scheduled weekend visitation with no restrictions and he still seems like he does not want me to come over to finally meet his daughter like I’m still a secret mind you he has met my kids since we were like a month in of dating

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Your guy has obviously been through an extremely stressful/worrying/demanding time being forced through the Courts, etc. I don't think he's keeping you a secret or doesn't want anyone to know about you. Knowing the Courts as I do in the UK - the procedures, etc. Are so intimidating & things can go wrong @ the slightest mistake - I think he'll just be scared s#itless of something going wrong & buggering up his visitation rights. Stand by him & be there for him. He'll be needing you perhaps more than he lets on. 🇮🇪


That's what I think too Finglas-Boy... He can't slip up right now.


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