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Feeling Off

Feeling sort of off today I had a big panic attack this morning but I am still feeling funny from it. I was obsessively checking my face earlier for if my lips or face looked slanted I’m always paranoid of a stroke. I’m 22 years old. I haven’t been sleeping well at night I’ve been going to bed at midnight maybe that’s why I feel so awful? I just feel like I can’t focus on anything and feel uncomfortable

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Hey ! I know how you feel. Lately I've been feeling very off too . Message me sometime

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Hey it’s a tough things to go through. It happens to me

On and off and also probably doesn’t help hay I literally stay in bed all day except a few hours in the morning and night time. I feel so not normal whenever I gotta get up and walk around or something idk life around me doesn’t feel normal or something it’s weird. Thanks for your reply


Your body does need sleep to be able to function properly. Also you should try to get up and walk around during the day. Your brain will let out some feel good hormones when you do that can maybe make you feel a bit better?


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