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So sick of being sick

If it's not one thing it's another. Most of the time I feel sick or down, depressed, anxious or another illness. Now I'm dealing with really bad acid reflux that feels like a lump in my throat with burning stomach and other crap. I'm getting checked on Wednesday by a specialist he's going to do an endoscopy. From reading a lot of the posts I know so many of you are just so tired of being off most of the time. The winter doesn't help either, the grey color outside is just so lifeless and dull. Most of the time I try to be positive but I'm just tired of having these off moments that my body is going through. For me personally I'm just not happy in my personal life and of course that has a great affect on me. I was wondering how your lives are. Are you happy, do you have a lot of problems or do you live with somebody that makes you miserable? I'm just curious as to why we all feel like crap most of the time, and its not in our heads thats for sure. There has to be an underlying problem that's causing our bodies to react in a horrible way. Share your stories if you'd like.

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I know the feeling, my stomach has been playing up the last month with twitching/gargling/acid reflux and pain but waiting to go doctors as it just feels like I am there every week. Already had the worry it’s ovarian/stomach or pancreatic cancer which I know is rare at my age. It started with my heart rate and palpitations which that got better and I didn’t notice it for a couple months till I got a Fitbit and went back to the beginning basically with that and ended up in A&E again and yes my heart is still ok. I try to be positive I have a good life I have a strong family and friend unit to help me even though I do think they get sick of me going on about it all the time so I come on here. I do have problems with my partner who I do feel like he only sees me as sex and not interested in me any other time but haven’t managed to break up with him as I guess I’m scared I won’t find anybody else. My main issues is dealing that all the physical issues I have such as vibrations in my feet, muscle twitching probably this problem with my stomach and other things is just anxiety I am so convinced I have something the doctors have missed but know that’s not true and I have to accept that and not fight anxiety as I am never gonna get anywhere otherwise.


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