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Parents worried about my mental stability

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So my parents are concerned if I’m mentally okay..because of my anxiety

Current situation

Grain of rice possibly lodged in soft pallet/ nose since Friday I started freaking out about it more because of chest pains and shortness of breath-on Saturday that thought that the rice went in my lungs. so I’m worried about pneumonia from this also I have a headache so maybe the rice went inside my head... I’m so anxious I Can feel it at the roof of my mouth right now what do o do

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Stop at an urgent care center and have them remove the grain of rice.

You have severe health anxiety and hypochondria. The thoughts you create give you physical symptoms so you think there is something wrong with you. I advise that you see a psychologist who.specialises in health anxiety. The feeling you have on the roof of your mouth is not likely the actual grain of rice but perhaps the feeling of it. Like when you have grit in your eye - the grit gets washed away with tears but the feeling is still there because it may have scratches the skin. Maybe you should go and do a certificate in nursing or an anatomy course to learn about your body and what is normal and what is abnormal. The human body is incredibly resilient. You can't get pneumonia from a grain of rice. A grain of rice cannot get into your head. You cannot catch whatever it was you thought you could get from using your brothers toothbrush whom had been kissing a girl. You cannot get disease from getting water up your nose (unless you live in some third world country like uganda), you wont have brain damage from hitting your head on the car door, you won't get rabies from you pet dog who bit you (and didn't even break the skin) and .... well I could go on and on. You need to ask your parents to go with you to see a psychologist. You are NOT going mad, you are just making yourself exhausted and worries about stuff that truly is not harmful. Please see someone.

Thank you for replying your right.. about everything it’s exhausting and im working on getting help😒

Hope you are feeling better by now..anxiety can play tricks on your mind and it does exhaust you...the trouble is that the part of your brain doing the worrying overwhelms the logical part which tells you that you can't get a grain of rice stuck in your soft pallet.........we really are such complicated bodies.....hope you have a sympathetic GP ,it makes all the difference.....your not crazy.....just overwhelmed.......x

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