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Been an off day again

Today I had no appetite, again. There were times I didn't know if i felt nauseous along with the lump in my throat feeling. I was able to eat a little. I don't know if it's anxiety because there is nothing triggering it and it just feels different from other anxiety/panic attacks I've had in the past. I don't know of I'm sick like a bug? I have started to shake a little and it's about the same time it happened yesterday.

I don't think its anxiety because it doesn't feel like it, you know what I mean. Like my heart doesn't race I wish I could explain it.

I'm frustrated here, I was doing so well. I don't know if I mentioned this before but I started to feel off on Thursday night and just thought maybe it was because I had had dinner late. Then since I wasn't hungry on Friday I didn't eat all day and in part was because my stomach felt a little off, but I didn't think much of it, but as the day went on I was still feeling off no hungry maybe a little nausea and the lump in throat feeling was pretty much there all day and all day today the same thing, but the thing is it goes and comes all day. And maybe tmi but I've had bowel moments twice today and yesterday, and both times I noticed my abdominal area kind of "bubble" in the most subtle way.

I know I should probably see my doctor but it's almost impossible to see her because they're always booked and I can only imagine what the closest appointment will be, and thinking about going to the ER makes me anxious and panic, plus I'd feel like a fool.

I don't know, can anxiety show symptoms without being anxious? Like I don't know

I just hope someone reads this, I know no one on here is probably a doctor, but my symptoms are triggering the anxiety and I don't know what to do. There's so much deep breathing can do to help

I'm also freaking because I've noticed I got flea bites and I googled (I know I shouldn't of) but I couldn't help it. Know I'm worried it could be something from the flea bites?

Anyways thank you for listening

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My mother tells me when I call her about things of this nature that I’m anxious. I say I don’t feel anxious but she says I’m so used to it that when it’s not a severe panic attack I can’t tell but she can within seconds of talking to me. I still disagree but she knows me better than anyone. Anxiety can affect us in so many ways. It’s not textbook. All of the symptoms you speak of are signs of anxiety. I just hate it when I feel like I’m under control and she says that! It’s true though, just don’t tell her that! If symptoms persist I know for a fact doctors keep emergency appointments open each day. You have to call first thing in the morning to get them. They can’t be booked ahead of time. I don’t know where you are located but you are apx 50 miles from me per the site. I worked in the healthcare field all my life before becoming unable to work due to physical limitations. So I know it to be true around here about the emergency appointments. Check your wording though do they will give you the appt. Do you have a psychiatrist or therapist. They can also get you in to see the doctor. As far as fleas the worst thing would most likely be red dots almost unable to be seen and itching. I have 2 dogs. My son brought home a puppy with fleas. We are in the process of getting him treated. The vet said when you give your pet the medicine the fleas can get on floors furniture etc. and that it takes a minimum of 3 treatments to get rid of them and you have to vacuum once or twice preferably carpets and furniture during treatments. I hope this has helped. Your symptoms do not stand out to me as anything serious or worrisome that jumps out at me. It may be things I’m not familiar with but it does sound like anxiety. It happens to me.

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