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whats going on at this moment do not know how to react to this

just got back home getting something to eat and now im layingdown watching tv all of sudden in my back and back of my head is like my pulse i dont know what it is but its beating really fast and hard but when i touch my chest i dont feel my heart beating fast what can it be its strange also these strange headaches and titeness and pressure in my head like anything i do its like its sensative i go out and deink with friends i get headaches real fast dont understand and sometimes feel like my face becomes numb and it goes back to normal again its scary i get a wierd energy going up my body that makes me twich badly like shaking in order to tey to force to relax my body it does go away but still i get headaches from this the stuff thats happening its stressing me out just feel like im going to die one of these days my birthday is saturday and i dont feel like doing anything i cant have fun i csnt do anything its annyoing because of this.

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Hi, Johnny1234,

This type of thing between your body and your mind isn't new, but you pull through it every time. Just remember that, Just chill. You'll be ok for your birthday, but avoid the alcohol as much as you can. Remember it really affects you badly later, OK? You're going to be ok. And Happy Birthday!!!!


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