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Weird tingly feeling in head and update

So today on the bus home I had a weird feeling that I've never had.

I felt this tingle at the top of My head near scalp. Like it was pulsating but the best description is like pins and needles. I kind of went with the feeling as it wasn't hurting me nor was I thinking anything bad but then I got this awful gut feeling and felt my heart jump. It was only a split feeling. Almost like the feeling you get before the anxiety attack. I had taken propranolol so wondering if that's stopped it ?

I'm just wondering if anyone has any information what that could be and if it's even linked to anxiety. Is it something serious ? A tumour ? Or do you think it was most likely just one of those things ?

I handled the situation well but now I'm kind of over thinking it and worrying that it's something more serious.

Also an update on my own situation. I got a call back today from our community mental health team and finally referred to more CBT which I'm hoping really will help me again.

I'm sick of always worrying about sensations I got in my head. I just want to feel relaxed and care free again.

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I had this the other day It felt like my brain was warm and tingling..


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