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Heart Palpitations?

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So!I made the mistake of having coffee just now at work and now I feel like my heart’s in my throat. So I’m just typing this here to distract myself from the feeling 😂 Really, I should have know better than to take in caffeine *smacks self on the forehead* ULTIMATE REGRET.

Also, a colleague made a passing remark that made me feel a little down and made me start doubting myself. I work 8-7, and I usually leave around 7.05pm (I see no point in staying back because work is never ending anyway). So she was like saying this to another colleague when she asked us what was our work cutoff time, “Oh. Don’t worry about that. People here leave on time.”

And then she saw the look on my fave and was like, “Hahaha. I’m kidding!” I MIGHT be reading too much into things. People at my workplace leave work pretty late. But my mentality is that I should strike a work-life balance. BUT that remark made me feel like, “Does everyone feel I’m doing less just because I leave work on time?”

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I have heart palpitations daily, especially if I drink coffee which I love and it sucks I can’t drink it like I used to as otherwise I get loads of them. Distraction is the best technique as I don’t have as many as I used to or I’ve stopped noticing as much.

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I love coffee! But I stopped drinking four months ago. I couldn’t resist the temptation that day...but you’re right. It’s not really noticeable when you’re distractedz

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