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Can't sleep

Gotta wake up extra early today at 6:00 and be to work by 7 but I'm getting these weird sensations when I try and fall asleep I get hot, my heart is beating real hard and slow,I feel like I'm gonna lose my breathe my stomach feels as if it's tightening and my whole body starts tingling and it feels as if I'm gonna nod pass out or completely worse(and it's sad I really want to fall asleep I want to go to work 😔

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I get this way too sometimes. I do breathing exercises and read this forum and it seems to help me unless I'm having a really hard time. If it's too bad I end up sitting in a hot shower drinking cold water. If you haven't gone to a Dr for a check up to make sure you are all good then I think you should. Its gives you a peace of mind if nothing else. I hope you get some rest.


Thank you


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