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In between Anxiety and Faith

Last night as you can see I posted about how I wanted to go home and be with my mom. How things are not working the way I want it and it affects me mentally. My anxiety and depression are getting worst each day that I will woke up with palpitations and nausea. My appetite are getting worst and worst it affects me both mentally and physically.

As I stumble into this community, I was amazed by the people who are brave enough to tell their stories about anxiety and different issues that we are sensitive to talk about but here you can talk about it and most importantly without getting judged. They will tell you that you are not alone in the battles you are facing. And as for me it gives me courage to over come my anxiety.

I was ready to tell my dad about going home and also telling my mom about my decision. I was praying and looking for a sign about it. I was crying and praying hoping that they will understand me.

As I was preparing myself to tell them, I received a call to one of the jobs that I applied for, telling me that they have an offer for me and that I would be interested.

It was the time I broke down ang cried. I was anxious about everything. About everything what was going on but God's timing was on point.

I will give this a try but I will not let my decision about going home be forgotten.

I am still anxious of what will happen next . Constantly thinking about everything and palpitations still going but in between with that I have faith that everything will be alright.

Finding this community is not a coincidence, it is my destiny.

Whatever you are facing right now, everything's gonna be alright. You are not alone. We have this community, we will be alright.

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QueenieLynn, There is a reason things happen in life. Maybe a wake up call for some, a learning experience for others. We have choices in life, sometimes they may not be the best but then something happens like it did for you. Coincidence? Maybe but more likely it was meant to happen.

This community is a collection of people from all over the world with the same fears of anxiety. Some win, some lose (for now at least). The thing is we are never alone and that gives us hope and belief that one day we will be free of anxiety.

Remember there is power and comfort in numbers. When you think you are alone, look behind you, we're all there with you. Ready to comfort, understand and support. Why?? Because we care xx


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