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sick and tearful

so since my first post here its been getting better - as i wasn't sure if it was anxiety related or not - but last night i went to bed feeling sick and couldn't get to sleep until about 4:40am and woke again at 8:20am - all day i've been feeling like i could cry and my heart keeps beating what feels like strong/loud? and all i seem to be able to do is google my symptoms and read tweets about people who also feel sick haha! does anyone have any advice? i'm sick of these random nausea spells :( (its now coming up to 10pm and i've managed small amounts of food but i keep feeling too hot and a bit sick and i'm scared i wont be able to get to sleep tonight 😫)

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Hi Holly I had nausea really bad and I couldn't eat, was lightheaded, felt like I wanted to sleep all day. I lost so much weight as I was vomiting up bile in the mornings and only could tolerate water/cordial. I started taking panadol and eating small things 6 or more times a day eventually I felt much better and was able to eat small meals a few times a day then back to eating normally. Nausea is a huge part of anxiety and panic attacks. It can come on at night or first thing in the morning even anytime of the day/night. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat what you can tollerate. Stay strong X


thank you for this - i make myself eat through it cause not once have i thrown up from it but i feel 10x better once i make myself eat! however i did overheat at work yesterday and passed out in front of customers which isn't ideal so i'm a little bit apprehensive about going into work tonight but i'm feeling much better in myself so i know it wont happen today haha! sorry if i'm babbling but it feels better to talk about everything with someone even if it's just small things in life!x


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