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Anxiety & tmj


So ...I do have an annoying habit of grinding my teeth. But does anyone also feel something throbbing above their ear ..after doing so ? It doesn’t remain an annoyance for long but is that related to it , too? I have to see a dentist because whatever was throbbing was right after I was grinding my teeth kept me up all night . So I do think it’s related in some way. That whole side was aching me near my jaw and slightly above it near my ear . Then my sinuses are a mess but that’s another thing .

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I have anxiety induced TMJ and need to wear a mouthgaurd. If I forget to wear my gaurd I can get pain around that area, I rarely am aware when I am grinding my teeth but if I have that pain I know I have being doing it. If its really bad my jaw feels like its going to lock.


I may have to get one :/ . Did it cost a lot to purchase ?


Im in the UK and it was my dentist who diagnosed me and fitted the gaurd. It cost £50. It stops me from wearing down my teeth though by grinding which would cost a lot more to fix so worth every penny. Takes a bit to get used to as it fits really tight on your teeth but it does work!


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