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I wanted to update whoever may occasionally come across my posts/threads on what’s going on with me: I’m finally employed!! I’ll be working at Anthropologie & Im super excited. I cried tears of joy as I was unemployed for like months and it was so rough for me. I was kind of nervous since it was an open interview but the Store Leader liked me so much he wants me on the team . I’ll be working at this cool fashion store ! But I now realize I have to interact with customers trying to diffuse tense situations if any. Even though I have years of customer service experience from being a receptionist at a handful of companies , that was back when I didn’t have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I was shy but I was assertive at work . Now I’m definitely assertive with friends, my boyfriend, what I want to do in my career, school, trying to be more assertive with mental & physical self-care (thanks a bunch Anxiety) BUT I do get slightly reserved with social interaction in a work setting . Now anyone who has worked in retail or does , any tips on how to handle an angry customer & also maybe a tip on how to land a sale? I know in a nutshell it’s up to the customer, in this particular store, if they want to purchase anything or not but still want to represent the brand well & make a good impression. I’m such a Virgo :/ anyways any helpful tips will be great!! Hope everyone had a great & safe Halloween.

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