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Alcohol is my worse friend rightnow

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I used to love to drink and love the feeling of being numb not to have to worry about the world around me and I can be in my own world all by my little self but now I hate when I drink because I'm only happy for a day then the next day. I'm back feeling sad again like never before I don't know how to continue to go forward and I know I don't to continue going backwards. I'm just stuck and I need help any advice or tips please reach out and let me know what you've done to help you stop drinking or learn your triggers. I really would love to hear your story.

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I'm accepting I used alcohol as a band aid in the past and between Saturday and Sunday I drank a whole bottle of merlot to myself. It sucks because I felt happy for a little bit so I feel where you're coming from. ❤

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I'm always happy too when i drink but it don't last long. I'm getting help but i still drink.

I have not drank for almost a month, which isn't a huge deal for me but this time I'm determined not to drink anymore. Like you, i found it made my recovery impossible. The only advice I can offer is reach out and get help. Even if you don't think you are an addict, addiction services and A.A. has alot to offer. Find a support system, even just one person you can call if you feel the urge. And make a list of things you enjoy or used to enjoy that you can do when you are feeling down. Anything that soothes you or makes you happy. I hope this helps.

Hi I do understand and the other posters make good points. My doctor said that if you drink then after you can feel more low than before drinking. I do drink usually weekends. I recently went three weeks without a drink for various reasons. Pm anytime.

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