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an update on my anxiety

I haven't posted here in a while but felt I needed to update people on my situation and hopefully give an optimistic outlook to anyone else suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety at its worse was bad, it was taking over my life and making me feel like nothing was going to get better.

To me, it was mainly my medication, I was on paroxetine 40mg, it was like the drug of hell.

I started to come off the medication around November 2016. I made the decision that medication wasn't for me and I wanted to try it without. Coming off this medication was complete hell, and I'd be lying if I said you'll be fine, because it wasn't fine.

I was determined though and after 5 months of coming off this medication, I finally did it, although it was hell, I was so proud that I managed to do it.

Then, for the next step, I was on propranolol to help ease any panic attacks, and coming off this felt like a safety net was lifted, although I didn't suffer too badly from withdrawal, my anxiety was raised due to worrying about having panic attacks.

However, I have now been off this medication for around 4 months and it was a great feeling.

I still get anxious, and still get a random fear in me, but nowhere near as bad as it was.

And although this post may not have been written too in depth, I want people to know that although medication wasn't for me, there is help out there, and no matter which course you're taking to treat yourself, you can, and will get better. If you're finding it hard to withdraw, stick with it because you will get better.

You can all do this

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I've never take any medications for my anxiety.its hard but am fighting


Yes medication isn't for everyone. It still can be helpful. Remember not to fight alone and that help is out there. Speak to your doctor or close ones. I found that this site is really helpful and has helped a lot with my anxiety

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Hi Andrewtxland, Congratulations on coming off your medication. It is a difficult journey when weaning but the outcome is undeniable. I've never felt better or more alive since being off my medication. It's a big commitment. There is a time for medication but for most it's not a long term answer. It did it's job and now time to continue moving forward. Continued success and thanks for sharing an uplifting post. Have a great day!

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I just wanted to say well done, Andrew! You've endured a lot and are doing amazingly!


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