abit of reassurance to those with anxoiety heart problems are just anxiety in general

if your anxietys on your heart like mine is ask to have a referral to a cardiologist and I did that and they rang me up today and said I don't have to go as soon as I heard that I feel a whole lot better because they are proffesionals and I don't have to worry that much now as they rang me I had chest tightness and arm pain and when I heard the news about my heart is fine it went I promise it gets better just don't aggregate it just let it be and it will go... eat healthy maybe see how that goes... do you really want to just worry all your life? live it the way u want not the way u have to I promise it will be okay I have arrhythmia(heart condition) tachycardia (another heart condition) chest pains and arm pain and jaw pain but that dosent stop me from living my life just pray and it will become better prayer is the best medicine


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  • anxietymadman123, you are absolutely right.. Do we really want to live our lives in worry everyday? An emphatic "NO"... And yet sometimes the thoughts get so strong and overtake our rational thinking until.....as with you, the doctors called and said no need to rush the appointment. BAM...the adrenaline goes down, the symptoms start to disappear and we can once more think more clearly.. The power of the mind and body connection is fierce. Make today a good day and go live your life :)

  • I'm glad you feel that way it's All about finding something that takes your mind off it prayers my way which makes me think I got anxiety for a reason because before I had I didn't pray or eat healthy just eating crap an smoke weed today I've been near enough anxiety free had arm pain ad chest pain but I thought maybe today I'll just relax it went away your mind is powerful

  • Anxietymadman123, that's an excellent example of anxiety symptoms disappearing immediately on getting good news. You say you have arrhythmia, tachycardia, chest pain,arm and jaw pain - these are common symptoms of anxiety too, couldn't they be anxiety in your case rather than a real physical condition?

  • They are anxiety symptoms classic ones that most people don't recognise the more u focus on something worse it gets because ur anxiety is created by the brain and your also using the brain again to focus on these things

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