Driving and taking Citalopram

Hi, I have been taking Citalopram for a couple of days as put off taking them straight away when Dr gave me them, because I read the leaflet and was worried about what it said about driving. Not due to go back to work until 18 May and have a 30 mile round trip everyday. I am probably panicking to early, but need to get back to work even though have been signed off with work related stress. Boss is not to supportive, keeps phoning to say they are just seeing how I am, but then goes on about how much work there is for them to do. Department has been short staffed for 2 years with just me doing all the work. Any help would be great


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  • Hi there Polly! I took Citalopram for about 5 years. When I took it in the morning, it did make me somewhat groggy so my doctor just had me take it at night before bed. I found that taking it around 7 in the evening allows me to slowly wind down and also helps me sleep well. I hope this helps. :) Oh, also I did have some initial nausea the first week as my body got used to the medication but nothing unbearable. Peppermint or ginger tea or even sucking on a hard candy really helped and once I started taking it in the evening with a small snack I stopped having any issue.

  • Hi oh thanks will try taking it then. Will also try the peppermint tea as well. Sounds like I may be on it for the long term as Dr thinks I have ME. Just waiting for bloods to come back to rule anything else out. I want to feel "normal" again and get my life back.

  • Ok had blood tests back and apart from having an infection (which I already knew about and being treated for) everything else is normal. Dr said it is what she thought and it sounds like ME. Got to stay on antidepressants and go back to surgery next week.

  • As with previous reply, I took Citalopram for several years & didn't suffer any side effects apart from initial nausea, which lasted about 3 days. It certainly took the edge off my anxiety too. Good luck.

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