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extreme heart anxiety - please help

how do I get over this anxiety? I know a lot of peoples anxiety is from this because it stems from panic attacks where you think you are having a heart attack - I have had every check and they all came back fine, however I cannot help but check it, sometimes feels harder sometimes feels irregular, I cant stop it - its become an addiction, I have started walking 2 miles to work and the whole time I was focusing on my heart - it scares the life out of me. Also when I eat and get full it makes me check the heart and even when I am starving it makes me check my heart, all day long I worry about an impeding heart attack :( how do I get rid of this.

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This is my whole life....my heart. Its crazy because I have no markers within my family, I have had every test known to man, seen a prominent cardiologist and still take my damn pulse alllllll day and freeze if I even think I feel anything or have a pain... Its a complete and total fixation!! I also feel almost better when I do not eat.., weird. I also suffer with palpitations (terrifying) and cannot take beta blockers because I have a slow heart rate...yeah.. I am so sorry my friend.


We going through the samething shortness of breath and my heart beats really fast doe sometimes for no reason and when i touch i feel like it beats harder or faster its starts doe with the short ess of breath seems like i csnt breath then i get this little dizzy feeling but i was wordt then this going in a car going in the train walking out side going down the stairs my heart would go really fast for no reason i saw a cardiologist said everything was fine and i have a little bit of arrythmia like fast heart beat but its not a harmful one he says he havent gave me meds for it told me its stress related but i saw hik about a month and half ago but now feel like stuff have gotten worst pressure on my chest it hurts attike but its on and off type of thing and my heart speed aswell and shortness of breath like if im holding in my breath with out even know its a crazy feeling but good luck.


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