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Jumping out of my skin with anxiety

Hi everyone i've had a very stressful few weeks due to health issues and my anxiety is through the roof. I just wondered if anybody else has suffered with this symptom i have been having that is particularly unpleasant. When i feel a rush of severe anxiety i get this awful feeling of actually wanting to jump out of my own skin and body, kind of like my body is just about to completely flip out of control and its really frightening which just adds more fuel to the already sky high anxiety! Has anybody else had this and is there any way of keeping calm through it? Thanks

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Hi.. your not alone.. I feel like this everyday.. my physical symptoms are reallybad. I get hot flushes pain and weakness in arms legs and back, muncle twitches all over my body. It's horrible living with health anxiety. I'm fed up:*(

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Yea that's the, fight or flight response I know how u feel I try to breath thru it

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