Week 4 update on Celexa

I am on week 4 I still get a lil anxious sometimes but not like I was. The dizzy spells have stopped. I am able to work without going home early. I can stay without running outside to catch my breath from a anxiety attack. I am able to sleep at night better. I'm getting better at handling situations with people. I have a lil more patience with stupid people. I don't wanna say I lack emotions but I feel less empathy when I need too. I cut a lot of people out my life who were stressing me out. People were draining me. I have more energy than ever to handle day to day life. My self esteem is coming back. I am starting to care about things I use to care about. I have returned to my fav past time shopping. My phone rings less now because I have removed the people in my life that contributed to my almost breakdown.


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3 Replies

  • This is great news! So glad the med is kicking in for you and it looks like you have made some good decisions regarding letting go of hazardous people in your life. I too have had to do this and have a lot less stress and anxiety because of it! I hope it just keeps getting better for you from here on out!

  • I hope so too. I even changed jobs as well. The next step is changing my phone number. I love the peace and quiet. Thanks to my iPhone everyone who stresses me out is blocked.

  • User4567, Thank you for sharing your success story. It's uplifting for all of us.

    Continued success in going forward. Have a great day!

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