How to be POSITIVE!?

How can I change !? Ive been negitive for as long as I can remember and I think my parents are to blame for such an unhappy negitive childhood my mum suffered what i think was GAD but never seeked help (shes now 50 and seems to be fine) but when i was a kid all i knew was everything was bad for me, I never got phrased for anything, never got to go to clubs to socialise etc.No positivty in my house growing up. Ive always been negitive, down and anti social. How do I get out of this way of thinking as its all i have known.... Im currently off sick from work and now feel i dont want to go back but i know i have to. My bf is all i know but he isnt supportive at all i have no friends and my parents seem to just ignore the way i am


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  • Hi everything what you said in your post is exactly what my childhood was like now I have severe anxiety also don't know what it's feel like to be loved but I realised when people give me compliments at home or in the street I think is a positive but some part of me think it negative but you just need to realise that there is plenty of positives in our lives also we can make positives by helping others and then when need help that's a positive I know it's hard but try and do positives for others then you will realise that the positives out weigh the negatives I'm doing this and it's helping me hope this helps you

  • Being positive when you're experiencing all these feelings can be quite difficult. I've been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for 10 years. Even had a HORRIBLE 6-8 months of agoraphobia back in the beginning of it all. You have to remember that it can ALWAYS be worse honestly. What we go through is horrible! But it can't kill us, every day above ground is a good day! You just need to reassure yourself that this is something that you can overcome and you will eventually!

  • Thanks for replying Ive suffered agrophobia also few years ago it is horrible

  • Have you done any therapy? Or considered doing it?

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